Everything you need to accept online orders

Offer your customers a great ordering experience and strengthen your brand with one solution for takeaway, delivery, and table ordering.

Malai Kofta
$15.90Malai Kofta
Potato And Paneer Dumplings In Silky Creamy Sauce
Daal Makhani
$13.99Daal Makhani
Kidney Beans And Black Lentils
Rogan Josh
$17.50Rogan Josh
Classic Lamb Curry
Mixed Balti
$14.99Mixed Balti
Seasonal Mix Vegies With Balti Sauce
Pumpkin Masala
$14.99Pumpkin Masala
Tempered With Mustard And Curry Leaves
Fine Spinach Puree Finished With Cream


Take control of your brand with your own commission-free online ordering and connect directly with your customers. Give a great ordering experience that works across all browsers and build a deeper relationship with your own native mobile app.


Easily change the look and feel of your website to match your brand. Select from over 100 pre-installed fonts or change the colours on everything from buttons to the background with just a few clicks.

Select Pasta Type
Add to Order - $23.00

Mobile Support

Our fully responsive ordering solution is designed to make ordering more accessible and delightful for your customers however they like to order - across mobile, tablet and desktop.

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  • CheckmarkChrome
  • CheckmarkFirefox
  • CheckmarkEdge

Multiple Languages

Serve your customers in the way they're most comfortable. We support over 50 languages with in-built, automatic translation.

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Domain Name

Use your existing domain name, or we can help set up a free domain name suited to your restaurant once you sign up. In addition, our onboarding team can help you transfer your existing traffic with zero downtime if you’re using another provider.

We also include free web-hosting with 24/7 monitoring to provide best-in-class uptime and security for your online store.

  • CheckmarkFree Domain Included
  • CheckmarkSSL 256bit Encrypted
  • CheckmarkTransfer-in

Instant Updates

We release hundreds of features and improvements each year to help you stay ahead of the industry.

Marketing & SEO

Personalise your marketing and reach customers where they are most responsive. Appear where your customers search with better local SEO and drive more positive online reviews.

Customer Database

Learn more about your customers and their ordering habits. Find their contact info and order history at a glance.

  • CheckmarkSee your top customers
  • CheckmarkSort customers by region
  • CheckmarkAdvanced search


Categorise and export customer lists based on location, order history, and more.

  • CheckmarkPDF
  • CheckmarkPDF
  • CheckmarkEasily import to third-party

Search Engine Optimised

Drive more orders directly to your website. Next Order supports SEO best practices like customisable H1, title, and meta tags.

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  • CheckmarkBing
  • CheckmarkApple


Gain valuable insights from customers and turn negative experiences into return visits. Make better informed decisions and control each guest’s experience.

How was your experience?

Email & SMS

Send campaigns that convert into more orders and use our easy filters to find your most relevant customers for each promotion, such as your highest-spending or longest in-active customers.

  • CheckmarkCustomisable Templates
  • CheckmarkTrack Conversion Rate
  • CheckmarkAutomatic Campaigns

Customer Retention

See a month-to-month comparison of your customer retention and growth. Configure new campaigns to bring back customers who haven’t ordered in a while and increase your retention rate.

Customer Retention

Existing Customers

New Customers

Loyalty and Vouchers

Create your own customisable loyalty program and set up a pathway to rewards. Offer personalised discounts that strengthen your relationship with every customer.

Automatic Discounts

Customer discounts are automatically applied at Checkout. You can add discounts as a percentage, fixed amount or free delivery. Add conditions such as day, time, availability with other offers, minimum spend and much more.

  • CheckmarkConfigure VIP statuses
  • CheckmarkSet number of uses
  • CheckmarkTransfer-in


With vouchers, you're able to discount specific items, sizes, categories and even add minimum order spends. You can also set available dates, days, or time windows, order types, the maximum number of uses and a lot more.

Enter Voucher

25% off your first order! Save $6.50


Create pathways to unlock rewards. These can be configured by the amount spent, the number of orders placed, or specific items ordered. Add rewards as a fixed dollar amount, percentage discount or free menu item.

  • CheckmarkAutomatically Enrollment
  • CheckmarkMembership Levels
  • CheckmarkOnline and In-store


Make customers feel special as a bronze, silver or gold member. Reward your most loyal customers with specialised discounts as they order more often. Show regular customers you care about them with your own membership program


You’re only 4 pizza’s away from a free 13” pizza!


View your customers’ points and reward history from one view and provide a more personalised experience for each customer.

  • CheckmarkTargeted Email and SMS
  • CheckmarkSee top spending customers
  • CheckmarkSort by points claimed

Measure Impact

Keep track of the number of rewards redeemed, compare the average spend and number of visits from loyalty versus non-loyalty customers.


Grow your business and boost conversions by giving your customers their preferred payment options integrated online. Increase your average order spend and make the ordering process smooth, every-time.

Payment Methods

Feel in control of your cash flow by tracking your orders and payments all in one place. Next Order automatically supports customer payments at checkout with Apple and Google Pay, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Cash payments.

Google Pay
Amex Logo
  • CheckmarkAdaptive
  • Checkmark3D Secure
  • CheckmarkFraud Protection

Public Holiday Surcharge

Next Order is pre-loaded with all the public holidays for your restaurants' location. Simply enable surcharge and enter the surcharge amount, and you're good to go.

  • CheckmarkFixed or Dollar Amount
  • CheckmarkAutomatically Apply
  • CheckmarkWorldwide Support


Quickly refund all or part of an order with the tap of a button. Customers are automatically notified via SMS, and the amount is revered back to their payment method.

We’ve issued a $29.00 refund for the issue on your past order with Simon’s Burgers. The amount will automatically appear back on your credit card. We hope to serve you better next time.


Fraud Prevention

Reduce your exposure to fraudulent users with Next Order’s Fraud Detection - a machine learning fraud system that’s fully integrated with your payments. We combine adaptive algorithms that learn from a global network of millions of users.

  • CheckmarkMachine learning and fraud detection
  • CheckmarkTrust and block lists
  • CheckmarkTransparent

Menu Price Adjustments

Increase menu prices by a fixed amount or percentage for walk-in, pickup, delivery and table-side. Configurable for Online or In-Store.

Price Levels
Walk In
% to Apply
$ to Apply
% to Apply
$ to Apply
% to Apply


With the Control Centre's surcharge option, you can pass along all payment processing fees to your customers at checkout online or in-store.

  • CheckmarkFixed Amount
  • CheckmarkPercentage
  • CheckmarkAdaptive to payment method


Get paid out quickly and easily. You can also manage historical and upcoming deposits, and see expected payout dates right from the Dashboard.

  • CheckmarkDaily, weekly or monthly


Offer menu discounts and attract more customers with great deals that convert. Set up your specials and automatically discount the price for customers as they order.

Item Discounts

Automatically apply a discount when specific items are added to the order cart. For example, buy two pizzas and one drink for $35. Specials are fully customisable, with support for specific days and times, order types and the ability to turn off on Public Holidays.

Free Items

Easily create specials such as buy one, get one free. When the customer adds the items to the order cart, the discount will be automatically applied.

  • CheckmarkBuy one, get one free
  • CheckmarkBuy one product from category A and get another product from category B free


Take control of your workflow and efficiently get the orders into your kitchen with our advanced printing functionality. Use our in-built printer in our Order Tablet or connect to your kitchen printers to improve your speed.


Next Order supports all WiFi / Ethernet thermal and impact EPSON and STAR printers.


Assign Categories

Item categories can be printed to specific stations. Our beautifully designed kitchen docket makes it easy to know what to make.

  • CheckmarkConfigure stations to print specific order types
  • CheckmarkItems for each station are highlighted

Offline Support

If a printer goes offline, dockets will be automatically redirected to a backup printer, ensuring an order is never lost.

  • CheckmarkPrinter redundancy
  • CheckmarkQueuing
  • CheckmarkError notifications
Docket Design


Offer your own delivery like never before, and get rid of excessive order commission with better online ordering. Use our driver tracking to keep track of your own drivers or access our on-demand fleet, as you need.

Customer Tracking

Delight customers with real-time tracking right to their door. Make the experience magical with your own real-time driver tracking right to every customer’s door.


Your order is on the way!

1 Collins Street, Melbourne ・5 mins


Delivery by 6:45pm ・Apple Pay・$17.00

Driver Apps

Your drivers download our iOS or Android app, and they are on their way. Both you and the customer can always keep track of the order. When a driver adds each delivery, they can view all the order details.

  • CheckmarkTracking for phone orders
  • CheckmarkGoogle maps intergrated
  • CheckmarkIn-person payments

Management Platform

Always know where your drivers are and better manage their delivery assignment with our in-built management system. Assign orders to your drivers, and see real-time ETAs for every delivery.

Waiting in Store
Michael Corner
Graham Montague
Demelza Robins
Marcus Flint
Returning to Store
Myrtle Warren
Mary Cattermole

Delivery Network

Offer delivery using our network - without the hassle of employing drivers - and get your customers off third-party platforms. Next Order offers a fully-branded tracking experience and a flat fee per delivery.

  • CheckmarkOn-demand drivers
  • CheckmarkFlat fee per delivery
  • CheckmarkWhite label service

Detailed Statistics

View daily average delivery times, best-performing drivers, the number of deliveries per suburb and much more.

  • CheckmarkAverage delivery times
  • CheckmarkDriver ratings

SMS & Email Updates

Send automatic updates to customers when their order is confirmed, as it’s on the way and once it’s been delivered.


Take control of how to offer your online ordering, and give your customers the flexibility they need.

Pre Orders

Make pre-ordering a breeze. Enable customers to order for now or easily schedule their order in advance.
6:00 pm
6:15 pm
6:30 pm
6:45 pm
Set Pickup Time - Today 6:15pm


Limit your number of online orders with throttling. Configure time slots and enable dynamic acceptance based upon your in-store volume with our seamless POS integration.

Live Wait Times

Update customers in real-time with live wait times. For delivery orders, automatically provide relevant wait times based on the distance from the store.